Inverses PROBLEMESIS 2005,

[2005] S32 ... S76
In the Problemesis selfmate section 2005 was published 45 problems. Many of them are a single variation longmovers. Unfortunately large part of these single variation longmovers was mechanical and schematic. In my opinion the problems of this kind must be with more strategic play or in logic stile to be good. Some words about the selfmates which are not included in the award :
  S45 (Andrejs Strebkovs) and S58 (Andrejs Strebkovs) was cooked;
  S38 (Alessandro Cuppini) - Good idea but white not have an answer after 1…a3+ in the initial position, which is a serious weakness;
  S62 (Alessandro Cuppini) - AUW, but with the same weakness as the problem above - white not have an answer after 1…Sb3+ in the initial position. Another weakness is the heavy position with 16 white pieces;
  S72 (Evgeni Bourd) - A selfmate with interesting idea, but the dual in the threat and the heavy position with 16 black pieces are weakness.

1° Prix : Zivko JANEVSKI (S48)

Cycle AB-BC-CA of the white 2nd and 3rd moves and Passive annihilations in the couple variations 1…b:c6 and 1…K:e6. Good flight giving key. This is the best selfmate in the tournament!

Problemesis 2005
1° Prix
1.Fb5! [2.Cc8+ R×e6 3.Fc4+ T×c4‡]
1...b×c6 2.Td5+ c×d5 3.Cc8+ T×c8‡
1...g4 2.Cc8+ R×e6 3.Te5+ f×e5‡
1...R×e6 2.Te5+ Rd6 3.Td5+ D×d5‡
Rd4 Pc6 Pe6 Pe3 Dh3 Tf5 Fc4 Fd8 Ca7 + Rd6 Pb7 Pd3 Pd2 Pe7 Pe4 Pf6 Pg5 Df7 Tc3 Tc2 Fb2 Fh1
s‡3 (9+13) C+

2° Prix : Andreï V. SELIVANOV (S51)

Nice chameleon echo model mates and good flight giving key realized in clear position - black minimal and aristocrat.

Problemesis 2005
2° Prix
1.Tg1! blocus
1...Rf6 2.Cg8+ Re6 3.Tc1 Rd6 4.Dc7+ Re6 5.Tc6+ Td6 6.Cb6 T×c6 7.Df7+ Rd6 8.Cc8+ T×c8‡
1...Rd6 2.Cf7+ Re6 3.Rf8 Rf6 4.Dc6+ Td6 5.Df3+ Re6 6.Dg4+ Rf6 7.Dg7+ Re6 8.Cd8+ T×d8‡
3...Rd7 4.Cb6+ Re6 5.Tg7 Rf6 6.Dc6+ Td6 7.Df3+ Re6 8.Cd8+ T×d8‡
Re8 Dc4 Tf1 Th5 Ca8 Ch6 + Re6 Td5
s‡8 (6+2) C+

1° Mention d'Honneur : Zivko JANEVSKI (S63)

Interchange of the 2nd and 3rd white moves with two pins of black pieces on d6 and two mates after unpins of black matting pieces. The complex is good, but with repetition of white move 3.Qe4+ in the threat and first variation. Another weakness is that in the variation 1…Rd6 unpin and pins of the black Rooks are only visual, because is doesn't matter which Rook will give the mate.

Problemesis 2005
1° Mention d'Honneur
1.Tg5! [2.T×f5+ F×f5+ 3.De4+ F×e4‡]
1...Cd6 2.Dd4+ Re6 3.De4+ f×e4‡
1...Td6 2.De4+ Rc5+ 3.Dd4+ Tc×d4‡
Rd3 Pc2 Pe2 Pg6 Df4 Ta6 Tg4 Fb3 Fe7 Cb8 + Rd5 Pb5 Pb4 Pd2 Pe3 Pf6 Pf5 Pg3 Ph2 Tc4 Td8 Fh3 Ce8 Cf1
s‡3 (10+14) C+

2° Mention d'Honneur : Zivko JANEVSKI (S71)

Here is realized the "Ukrainian Folk Crafts" 2005 theme in combination with white correction.

Problemesis 2005
2° Mention d'Honneur
1.Fd1? [2.Ch5+ C×h5‡]
mais 1...C×c3!

1.Ff7? [2.Ch5+ C×h5‡]
mais 1...Cc7!

1.Fg6? [2.Ch5+ C×h5‡]
mais 1...h×g6!

1.Fe8! [2.Ch5+ C×h5‡]
1...Cd~ 2.De5+ d×e5‡
1...Cc7! 2.C×e6+ C×e6‡
1...C×c3! 2.Ce2+ C×e2‡
Rd4 Ph4 Ph3 Dc5 Tc3 Fh5 Cg5 Cg3 + Rf4 Pb5 Pc4 Pd6 Pe6 Pf5 Ph7 Tc8 Fa2 Fh8 Cd5 Cf6
s‡2 (8+12) C+

3° Mention d'Honneur : Evgeni BOURD (S40)

Beautiful combination of black half battery play and black/white Bivalve + play of another white and black batteries.

Evgeni BOURD
Problemesis 2005
3° Mention d'Honneur
1.Tb4! [2.c4+ Cc3‡]
1...Fd4 2.Dh7+ Cg6‡
1...F×g5 2.Dc4+ C×c4‡
1...Ff4 2.Fb5+ Cc4‡
1...Cc4 2.Dd4+ F×d4‡
1...Cg4 2.Td4+ F×d4‡
1...D×b4 2.c×b4+ Cc3‡
1...Ta1 2.C×b2+ C×b2‡
Re1 Pc3 Pd2 Pf7 Pg5 Pg3 Dh4 Ta3 Te4 Fe8 Ca4 + Rd3 Pb2 Pc2 Pg2 De7 Tb1 Tc1 Fe3 Cd1 Ce5
s‡2 (11+10) C+

1° Recommandé : Zivko JANEVSKI (S43)

Cycle of white 2nd and 3rd moves and unpins of the black Rd5. Good flight giving key.

Problemesis 2005
1° Recommandé
1...c2 2.Dh3+ Tg4 3.F×c2+ T×c2‡

1.Th7! [2.Cd4+ Rf6 3.De5+ T×e5‡]
1...c×d6 2.De5+ d×e5 3.Tf7+ Tf6‡
1...c2 2.Tf7+ Ff6 3.Cd4+ T×d4‡
1...Rf6 2.Dh6+ Rf5 3.De6+ d×e6‡
Rd5 Pd6 Dh2 Tg8 Th6 Fb1 Ce2 + Rf5 Pb6 Pc7 Pc3 Pd7 Pe3 Tc6 Te4 Fb7 Fb2
s‡3 (7+10) C+

2° Recommandé : Alessandro CUPPINI (S34)

Creation of black batteries, play of white battery and dual avoidance.

Alessandro CUPPINI
Problemesis 2005
2° Recommandé
1.Ch3! [2.C×f4+ F×f4 3.Dd6+ c×d6‡]
1...C2×d4 2.Tf6+ R×e5 3.Te6+ C×e6‡
1...C6×d4 2.Th7+ R×e5 3.T×h5+ Cf5‡
1...Tf5 2.Td7+ Tf7 3.Td6+ c×d6‡
Rc5 Pb4 Pf3 Pg4 Dd4 Tf7 Fd8 Fg8 Ce5 Cg1 + Re6 Pa7 Pb5 Pc7 Pf4 Pf2 Ph4 Da6 Ta5 Th5 Fb1 Fe3 Cc6 Cc2
s‡3 (10+14) C+

3° Recommandé : Frank RICHTER (S47)

Dual avoidance with closing and opening of black lines.

Problemesis 2005
3° Recommandé
1.Cd6! [2.Fe4+ C×e4‡]
1...Cg6 2.D×e6+ C×e6‡
1...Cd7 2.F×e6+ C×e6‡
Rh6 Pf6 Ph5 Df7 Tc6 Td1 Fa1 Ff5 Ca5 Ce4 + Rd5 Pe6 Pe5 Pe3 Pf3 Ph7 Ph3 Ta7 Tg3 Fd3 Ff4 Cf8 Cg5
s‡2 (10+13) C+

4° Recommandé : Oleg V. PARADZINSKI (S73v)

Exchange of the places between the white and black Kings.

Problemesis 2005 (v)
4° Recommandé
1.Rc2! a6 2.Rb3 Rb1 3.Dc3 a5 4.Ra3 a4 5.De1+ Rc2 6.Df1 Rd2 7.Rb2 a3+ 8.Ra1 Rc2 9.De2+ Rc1 10.Df2 Rd1 11.Cc3+ Rc1 12.Db2+ a×b2‡
Rc1 Pa2 Pf3 Da5 Cd5 + Ra1 Pa7 Pf4
s‡12 (5+3)

Merci à Diyan pour son jugement qui deviendra définitif le 01-07-2006.
Réclamations à Christian Poisson.